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Firstly a huge 'Thank You' to everyone who took the time to view, share, retweet or comment on our recent social post. Whilst we're only a small business, and are directly feeling the impact of COVID-19 (not the best time to sell products that are dependent upon travel/holidays) we wanted to show our appreciation for all those amazing people who work for the NHS. Our own struggles pale into insignificance when compared to all the selfless 'superheroes' who are working tirelessly to help others even though in the short term it is putting them and their families under incredible pressure.
Reading each of the nominations genuinely brought a tear to our eyes, but at the same time was heartwarming as they highlight; a) the sacrifices these heroes are making and b) just how much the majority of the population appreciates these efforts. If we could afford it, we'd have given everyone a free case as there are no winners/losers, just lots and lots of worthy nominations.
Given the trouble everyone who entered has gone to it was only fair the winners were chosen in a fair and ethical manner and therefore we let 'technology' pick the winners at random and filmed this as we didn't want to be seen as playing 'Simon Cowell' by choosing one heroes worthiness above another's.

The 10 lucky 'WINNERS' revealed below

How to claim your prize

If you are one of the winners or someone who nominated one of the winners please can you get in contact with us at to claim your prize.

NHS Staff Special Offer

To show our continued support and appreciation to all NHS HEROES, we want to offer something further.

Given our current financial position with already up to 60% off on our website, we aren't able to offer further discounts, however.........

Kitkase will gladly give all NHS HEROES a FREE UMBRELLA worth £20 when you / they buy a travel case before midnight on Sunday 5th April.

 All you / they need to do is send us your order number and proof you work for the NHS (NHS ID number etc) to straight after you've placed your order and we'll include one free of charge with your travel case.

Our final request of you!

If you don't already, please follow us on social (@mykitkase) and feel free to like/share any of our content as this will certainly help us get through the next few months. You can also subscribe to our mailing list at the bottom of our homepage as we're always doing competitions/offers.
Thanks again from the team at Kitkase x
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